Beekeeping Services

Ambassador Apiaries & Beekeeping Services offers a full range of beekeeping services from full hive management to simply selling bees. 

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If you're a pollinator lovers, who wants to have bees on your property, but don't have the time to dedicate to tending to your bees yourself, or you're a hobbyist beekeeper simply looking for advice or locally bred bees to add to your yard; Ambassador Apiaries & Beekeeping Services has something to offer you.

Full Service Management of New Colonies:

If you love bees, but don't feel like you have the time or courage to dedicate to tending bee hives, we'll do it for you.  

  • We will meet with you to find the best location on your property for bee hive and discuss what bees need to be healthy.
  • All equipment needed to start your bee hives will be provided by Ambassador Apiaries & Beekeeping Services.*
  • Equipment will be set-up, in the agreed upon location, prior to bees being introduced.
  • Bees will also be provided by Ambassador Apiaries.  We are focused on raising local survivor stock, from feral bee colonies collected as swarms or as a result of structural bee removals.
  • Also included in this plan are all necessary pest and disease treatments, to ensure optimal bee health.
  • As the owner of the hives, you are entitled to all of the products of the hive.  Honey, wax, and propolis are all usable bee hive products.

Full Service Management of Existing Colonies: 


If you already have bee hives, but don't feel like you can manage them anymore, or they were managed by another company, and you're ready to make a change, we can help.  

  • We will meet with you at your hive location and discuss any possible relocation that may be needed.
  • Existing equipment will be inspected and all necessary repairs or upgrades will be made.
  • If addition hives are desired they can be brought in, after ensuring mite populations in existing colonies are within treatment thresholds.
  • Just like the plan for new colonies, all pest and disease treatments are included in this plan.
  • Of course, you are entitled to all of the products of your hives. 

Hive Consultation:

If you're a beekeeper whose just starting out and you have questions, or if you're an experienced beekeeper who needs a second opinion, Ambassador Apiaries is happy to help.  We will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your goals for the season and will follow up with a comprehensive written plan that you can implement yourself, or with our assistance.  

Landscape Consultation:

It should come as no surprise that beekeepers know a thing or two about flowers.  As a matter of fact, Simon Bromberg, the owner and Lead Apiarist of Ambassador Apiaries & Beekeeping Services has a degree in Plant Sciences.  So, if you don't want any beehives, but you still want to help the bees, you can grow some flowers for the sake of helping out ALL of the pollinators in your neighborhood and we're happy to help you with that, too!  We'll meet with you to discuss the details, like how much space you'd like to donate to your pollinator garden, and whether you want it to be more of a formal garden or a "native" pollinator meadow.  We can incorporate your favorite colors and maybe even discover some new favorite plants.  If you love to grow your own fruits and veg, we can help you do it in a bee safe, organic way.  After all, wher would we be without our pollinators, most notably the honey bee?